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Paris Anglophone District/Intergroup

The Paris Anglophone District/Intergroup, most often referred to as “Intergroup”, is a committee made up of representatives from the English-speaking A.A. groups in Paris The purpose of an A.A. Intergroup is to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers The Paris Anglophone District-Intergroup maintains a schedule of English-speaking meetings in Paris, and owns and operates this website This body also functions as a linguistic district within the Région Paris-Intramuros of A.A. France, of which the English-speaking A.A. groups in Paris are a part.

Monthly Intergroup Meeting

The monthly English-language Intergroup Meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month from September through June, 3:00-4:30 pm, American Church, Basement, 65 Quai d’Orsay, Paris. All Paris resident A.A. members are welcome to attend this meeting.

Service Opportunities

A.A. English-speaking Paris Intergroup has several great opportunities to be of service.
Come to the next Intergroup meeting and learn more !

Service positions currently open :

Description of ESPAA Service Positions:

English Speaking Paris AA (ESPAA) Intergroup Service Positions

English-speaking Paris A.A. (ESPAA) Intergroup represents English-speaking A.A. Groups in and around Paris. Our primary purpose is to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers

The ESPAA Intergroup appoints a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and members with other responsibilities as its officers. These officers should have an established period of sobriety, ideally not less than two years. 

In the spirit of rotation, the suggested term length for ESPAA officers and is two years.

Chair & Vice-Chair
The Chair has the following responsibilities, which the Vice Chair handles in the event of his/her absence:
  • Convenes & conducts Intergroup meetings
  • Sets agenda and approves minutes
The Chair is responsible for convening and conducting Intergroup meetings and approving the agenda and minutes before they are circulated. The Chair will carry the executive authority of Intergroup, which includes the power of a deliberative assembly of persons to bring a motion, resolution, or special act to an official, legally binding status, and to co-sign checks in the name of Intergroup. The chair oversees Intergroup elections. He/she is the key holder and has the responsibility for opening/locking up if the meeting is in a physical location. Coordinates the minutes, agenda, and relevant information with the Intergroup Secretary. A knowledge of the AA Traditions and Robert’s Rules is essential for the role. Prior experience of chairing meetings at the Group level is necessary.
  • Prepares the minutes
  •  Sets agenda with the Chair
  •  Distributes documents to officers and Intergroup reps (GSRs)
  •  Maintains the Paris IG contact list
The Secretary is responsible for taking notes during Intergroup meetings, drafting minutes, and sharing them with all GSRs and service officers. The Secretary maintains the Intergroup distribution lists, with the contact details of officers and GSRs. He/she is the point of contact for members wishing to circulate information to all GSRs. The Secretary also collates all group reports on a monthly basis.  
Intergroup Representative (GSR)
  • Attends monthly IG meetings
  • Reports monthly on their group’s latest activities in the online GSR report form
  • Reports back to their group about activities at IG.

The Intergroup Representative ( GSR ) is elected by their group. They then attends the monthly Intergroup Business Meeting. To this meeting the GSR brings any suggestions, comments, or opinions their group may have. The GSR casts their group’s vote on all matters requiring a group conscience and represents their home group in all matters concerning English Speaking Paris AA ( ESPAA ). The GSR is the point of contact for ESPAA to pass along information to the group, and is the conduit for any information, concerns, ideas, and anything that the group may want to send to the ESPAA intergroup. The GSR is usually elected to serve a 2-year term ( from the AA World Services pamphlet The Group )

  • Keeps proper account of IG finances
  •  Ensures that funds are available for ESPAA IG’s essential current requirements
  • Reports monthly to IG against the budget
  • Acts as signatory for IG bank account
  • Transfers funds to entities designated by group conscience.

The Treasurer is responsible for looking after Intergroup financial affairs, including but not limited to:
overlooking incoming/outgoing funds, payment of rent for Intergroup meetings (if held in-person),
offering financial suggestions to Intergroup members on how to best spend funds, making transfers to region/service entities to which Intergroup has voted to contribute, liaising with officers whenever there is a need for expenditure on their part.

Ile-de-France Region Rep & Alternate Region Rep
  • Connects IG with the French AA service structures
  • Facilitates exchange between English-speaking and French-speaking Groups

The Region Reps attend French regional and Intergroup meetings so that ESPAA IG is represented at a regional level. The Region Reps report back to ESPAA on what happens at the regional level and also the French IG. These roles require a knowledge of the AA service structure and fluency in French.

Public Information Officer
  • Organizes PI initiatives with the help of a PI committee 
  • Chairs PI committee meetings 
  • Reports to IG about committee activities 

The Public Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and program of recovery is conveyed to outside organizations to the best possible advantage. 

Workshop Coordinator
  •  Plans and organizes regular workshops with the help of a Workshop Committee 
  •  Reports to IG about activities of the Workshop Committee  
  • Maintains and updates the English-Speaking Paris AA website 
  • May form subcommittee to help with website maintenance 

The Webmaster updates the ESPAA website with announcements and new information on meetings. He/she assigns and maintains user IDs and passwords for IG officer e-mail and secure access to the website. The Webmaster registers the site’s domain, shops for the best value of services provided for the website and ensures that the information provided on the site is by, for and about EnglishSpeaking Paris AA.  

  •  Files reports, minutes, agendas, and other documents in the archives
  •  Makes archives available to members upon request 
The Archivist is responsible for the collection of ESPAA documents and artifactual items.

He/she maintains the physical integrity of the collection and is instrumental in its further development. 

The Archivist is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the anonymity of its members and the confidentiality of the AA records.  
Meeting List Officer
  • Regularly updates list of Paris English-speaking meetings 
  • Distributes physical meeting lists to groups.  
Telephone Liaison Officer
  • Organizes volunteer roster to answer AA helpline
  • Keeps an up-to-date list of members available for 12th step calls
The Telephone Liaison Officer monitors the helpline voicemail and sends the caller’s contact details to someone on the volunteer roster (a list of AA members in the area), who then follows up with the caller.  
Zoom Manager
  • Maintains the list of Zoom meetings (hiding/deleting lines when meetings go off-line, adding any new meetings that may arise)
  • Updates the Zoom ID information, if the room changes.
  • Maintains passcode list for all Zoom rooms listed on ESPAA site
  • Handles incoming daily requests for passwords and security codes 
This role requires significant availability, as the Zoom Manager often fields incoming requests from newcomers wishing to attend a meeting. A very timely response is therefore needed. 
Young Persons Liaison Officer (YPLO)
  • Offers guidance to young people newly in AA 
  • Encourages and supports young members of AA into service and helps them to develop their service
  • Ensures that the voice of young people in AA is heard at all levels of the service structure 
  • Carries the AA message to young people outside AA who have not yet had their chance to recover 
  • Liaises with the PI officer to spread awareness of Young Peoples meetings in the community