Two-Speaker Anniversary Meeting Returns

AA Paris

From Saturday 2 April, the Saturday 5pm Two-Speaker Anniversary Meeting will return to in-person meetings at the American Church in Paris. The Group strongly recommends that all present wear a mask.

The meeting will be held 5-6pm on the 2nd floor, but on Saturday 23 April will be transferred to room G7 in the basement.

This Group will once again be giving out anniversary chips to AA members celebrating a sobriety milestone, and 24-hour chips to  anyone celebrating 24 hours of sobriety, or a desire to stop drinking.

This Group will also continue to hold a Zoom meeting at the same time, meeting ID 750 000 1212.


Online meetings

Since the Covid-19 outbreak most meetings have an online version which can be found here: Online Meeting List

Meeting changes

On the Homepage you can find meetings being resumed in person.